Whatsapp | 15 Tips And Tricks for Android Users

15 secret whatsapp features you should try. Its no wonder that in recent years whatsapp became a huge part of our life. Its convenient, quick, easy to use. Pretty much everyone has a large number of whatsapp contacts and spend hours to catch up with their friends and family.

Did you ever know that when someone read your messages and many more.

Read the complete article to know 15 awesome features of whatsapp.


                                   10. Font Changing

Not many people know that you can change your fonts when you write something.  Just put this symbol (‘) three time before and after your text . ”’Hello”’ . Its not much but it can be cool right.

This feature is only available on android devices but not in iOS devices , but you can just copy and paste it ti try.

                                    9. Font Styles

On the topic of fonts font styles is also on of the secret feature of whatsapp that you can use.

Its bold, italic and strike through. The algorithm is same as font changing .

For bold messages you have to use * before and after the message. for strike through   you have to use ~ before and after the message. You can send italic messages by using under score (_) .

You can also mix it up and send a message . ~_*Hello*_~. Its pretty simple.

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                              8. Muting Group Chats

If there are some chats that is constantly bothering you with endless messages than you can simply mute it. Just pick the chat and click on the contact and select the mute button. You will options of 8hrs, 1 week and even 1 year long.

Well it has to be a very annoying one to choose the last option. You can later go to the chatand get all the chats that you have missed.

                              7. Making Personal Information Private

Sometime we whatsapp someone we barely know. And its not safe to leak your personal information. Thankfully whatsapp foresaw that, go to setting-> account -> privacy  here you can control what users can see . From last seen to only share with and many more.

last seen

I don’t know about you but this makes me a lot more comfortable.

                                  6. Stop Auto Saving

As you probably know that whatsapp automatically saves picture , audio and video sent to you. So, if you are tired of deleting unnecessarily deleting photos and videos that your contacts message you than you can turn of auto save. Again go to  setting->chats  and turn of incoming medias.  Setting can do many more things for us.

                       5. Add a Chat Link To Your Home Screen

If you are texting pretty much whole day or have someone whom you text quiet often than you can easily add a link to your homescreen. This works for android devices. All you need to do is just tap and hold on your chat click on the three dots and choose  add conversation shortcut. You don’t have to go thrpough all your chat. You will find it on your homescreen.

                                    4. Star The Messages

At times in whatsapp you get messages that you wnat to bookmark or save for later. It can be an important information or just a funny message that lights up your mood everytime you read it. Just hold on the text and you will have option called stared messages.

You can go to the messages called stared messages.

                                3. Secretly Reading messages

Not  everyone knows that you can read messages from whatsapp without turning it blue. You have to follow couple of steps.

  •    When you receive a message don’t open it right away.
  •    Go to settings and set your phone to airline mode.

After that open your whatsapp and read your text. Wahoo!  You did it.

                                  2. Disable Previews

Originally whatsapp sends a message with the content in it on the screen directly.  Some people get curious and tries to read your personal information. So whatsapp thought about it and made a change.  Go to Settings -> Notification -> disable show preview-> No popup. 


Now you don’t have to worry about someone reading your private chat.

              1. Exact Time Some One Has Read Your Text

This magical feature works for both android and iOS devices. All you have to do is just hold on to any of your messages and and choose info . There you can see when the receiver has read the text.

So now you will use your whatsapp at an whole new level. Which one of these features did you like the most? Did you some of them? Let me know in the comment section.

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    Thank youthis help me a lot beacuse i never use this app till now 🙂

    • try it.. its cool with many features.

  • Thank you for this! I have recently switched to Android and use WhatsApp all the time!

    • yeah, its a bit interesting and fast messeenger.