How to Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App

Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App
WordPress App: How to Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App for free. Yes, you heard it right, no need to higher Freelancer and go to Fiverr and search for an app developer.
In this tutorial, we will teach you how to Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App for free.

So, do you need any coding to develop the mobile app?

No, you do not need any coding to convert your WordPress site to a mobile app. There are many WordPress plugins like Andriodaapp, AppPresser, Mobiloud, Web2app  and more and third-party websites like Appmakr, Appypie, Appsbar that will help you create a WordPress app or any site for free.  The best thing about this websites and plugin are you do not need any coding skills to create a Mobile app for free. But if you want to develop a custom website app without their footer remark, then you will definitely need a developer.

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So, in this tutorial, we are going to create a WordPress app using WordApp. You can get this Plugin from here


Why WordApp WordPress Plugin?

  1. A pre-installed plugin like:
  • QR Code reader
  • Push Notifications
  • GEOlocation – Track location once, or repeatedly
  • Mobile App Ratings – Get more ratings
  • iBeacons – Send a Push notification to your mobile app as users go past a beacon.
  • Automatic content sync
    Customize your app live like color , style ,template ,fonts,icons,images

             2.  Awesome features:

  • 30+ beautiful themes all for FREE.
  • Send push notifications when you want to update your users
  • Mobile web app for mobile browsers
  • Customise the menus & widgets for mobile-only users
  • Mobile only content.
  • Monetize your mobile app with Adsense ads & AdMob.
  • Edit the CSS to create your own mobile theme.
  • Compatible with BuddyPress.
  • iBeacon Compatible mobile apps.
  • Must smaller and faster navigation and more….

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So, how to install WordApp plugin and Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App:

1. Install the WordApp plugin:

  • Search for the plugin >> WordApp Mobile App Plugin – Convert your WordPress Site to a Mobile App


  • Download the WordApp plugin from this link and add new plugin and active the WordApp plugin.


  • Manual Install to directory: Login to WordPress plugin >> File Manager >> Public HTML >> Wp-content >> Plugin >> Install the WordApp plugin their.

2. Now go to WordApp >> Give your app name >> Select Yes to responsive question >>Select mobile app & mobile site and  Enter your email address

3. Now select app builder from WordApp. Select design >> Now here you can add toolbar color, website logo, header font, App name

4. Select Menus and bars and add main menu Side menu, top menu and bottom menu and save it. You can also give the icon to bottom menu.

5. Now select App structure: Select app icon >> Splash screen (640 * 1136 px recommended) >> Add description >> Add keywords >> App category and save it.

6. Click on publish an app. Now enter your email address (You will get a download link in the email)  and click on Publish app !.

And that’s it.

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If you want to  Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App, then use WordApp. Its free and easy to use. Also, try and check other plugin and third party website and check which workes better for you. The only con of using WordApp is you cannot remove their footer mark. But if you want to remove that you need to pay some buck for that. Go for the pro version if you want, because it’s worth paying. As compared to paying hefty money to the developer for doing the same work!

Did you like the WordApp? Please give your feedback in the comment section.

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